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The Cambridge, Ontario based Hymer North America group informed their workforce yesterday of the closure of the plant, effective immediately. The Touring GT travel trailer had been in the works for a larger release for a few years now, but never made it.

Or perhaps Thor will find a spot for it one day within one of their lines. Filed under Uncategorized. Tagged as eriba trailererwin hymer grouphymer north americathor industriestouring gt trailer. The Erwin Hymer North America debacle is definitely far reaching. Unfortunately, a really cool molded fiberglass small camper will not make it to market. I agree, perhaps at a later time some company will resurrect it. The Camping World conglomerate continues to buy up the RV industry, less and less competition.

What did CW have to do with this? Do you know something no one else does or are you just a trolling fool? It was all part of the conspiracy…. I have family in Canada… Thanks. I know someone in Canada who is planning on building one has the original manufacturer exterior and can do a customized interior. Your email address will not be published. The Small Trailer Enthusiast is a home for news on small travel trailers, typically 20' or less. Here you will find info on new models, industry news relating to small trailers, and any other stories I think you might find interesting.

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February 16, at pm.If you want to wake up to world-class views as you sip your freshly brewed coffee, then you need this Hymer Aktiv Loft Edition Class B gas motorhome. Camping no longer means sleeping on the ground with this unit because of the foldable queen-size mattress that will allow you to maximize your living space during the day and sleep comfortably at night.

Your kids will love the overhead loft area for their sleeping space up closest to the stars. You will also be impressed with the ample storage spaces that have been scattered throughout this unit, as well as the soft-close drawers in the full kitchenand nothing will stop you from freely touring the countryside because this unit also comes equipped with an enclosed bathroom.

Known as the original and the epitome of recreational adventuring, the Hymer Class B motorhome and travel trailer is proud to deliver a new way to embrace your inner wanderer. Featuring intelligent interior design solutions, the Hymer includes ergonomic details that will bring you a whole new level of comfort, like the hands-free power awning.

With unprecedented performance and the versatility of a smaller unit, each Hymer can meet the needs of any outdoor adventure seeker that craves weekend exploration because of its AGM batteriesunderhood AMP generatorand external power connection. Complete this form and we'll contact you with our wholesale price! A representative has been notified and will be with you shortly. Close Close. Our lowest price on this item is. This price is only valid for 24 hours from. Close and Continue Shopping.

Fill out this offer form and we'll get back with you as soon as possible. Know someone who might be interested in this? This just sends them a link to it so they can take a look. With a rich history of 60 years in the industry, the Hymer name has become synonymous with motorhomes.

The status is based not only on long standing history but being a trendsetter in the industry. Erwin Hymer Group came to North America in with the acquisition of Roadtrek, a company built in Roadtrek was born when Jac Hanemaayer purchased Home and Park Motorhomes and created the redesigned vehicle to have the now famous sweeping roofline, lowered floor and three section floor plan.

Our brands still stay true to Innovation, quality and trust. These qualities are present in every model ranging from the smallest Hymer Sonne model to the midsized Roadtrek SS Agile to the first environmentally friendly Roadtrek E-trek model.RV Daily Report and CTV News are reporting that Erwin Hymer North America in Kitchener, Ontario, has been placed in recievership by a court, effectively laying-off the entire staff of over employees, who were told the company will idle for six weeks while it tries to find a buyer.

The company, which manufactured the popular Roadtrek class B RV, has been embroiled in a financial scandal that allegedly involves embezzlement from top executives at the company. A buyout by Thor Industries of the global Erwin Hymer Group excluded the North America operation at the last minute due to the investigation into the mismanagement, leaving the company to fend for itself.

RV Miles has been receiving reports over the last couple of weeks that dealers across the country are not honoring Roadtrek warranties because they were not getting paid. The company may still be sold, but with a mass-layoff, it seems likely that bankruptcy looms. The factory facilities are leased, lending reduced leverage for a potential sale. Yep, we are currently having trouble getting a warranty issue resolved ourselves. Will see how it pans out I guess.

I understand that in the last couple of years Roadtrek really accelerated their operations and produced a lot of lower end models. Maybe they expanded too quickly and had quality control issues. A few months ago in November I had a conversation with someone who was working at Roadtrek and I asked them just how rare is my vehicle and he told me that less than RS Adventurous models were converted in late as models.

He said that they were for the most part built to order. Later, they started ramping up the lower models for sale at Camping World locations….

hymer dealers usa

Being one of those owners, I believe a class action law suit is in order. And, have you had any issues with your coach? Because we have an older model, I expected some problems…. Normal stuff like needing a new propane sensor, new batteries, tires, some generator repairs lack of use, also from previous owners and shocks on an 8 year old vehicle….

Looks like these things have a 7 or 8 years cycle for coach maintenance and repairs……. As a RT Agile owner needing warrantee work now, class action seems the way to go. I still have years on the promised warrantee. The history of Roadtrek was one reason I invested so heavily in this RV. The potential loss of equity plus the loss of warrantee will add up to a lot of money. Frustrated and angry.

Tim, one further thing to share with you……to the best of my knowledge…. When our unit was originally sold in … marketed as a RS.

Believe me…I had thought about getting a new coach for this warranty…. The six years warranty sounded very appealing especially after I had to get those items repaired…. Tim I can understand your frustration and wanting to sue. Roadtrek is not shipping parts and will give me no answers. I have a SS Agil…. August will be 2 years into it.Hymer focuses primarily on practical camper van conversions that have been forbidden fruit in the U.

In a recent press release, Thor Industries announced the new company and promised products for the U. With the ink drying on a new deal, Hymer USA plans to have products for sale in the fourth quarter of What will those products be? We also took a closer look at the Sprinter-based DuoCar Swhich was decidedly not a concept and offered a suave space for campers with amenities usually reserved for much larger vehicles.

Hymer USA will be based in Bristol, Indiana, with initial product availability expected in the fourth quarter of calendar year EHG, including its Hymer brand, is well-known for innovation, design and product quality. As we begin to leverage the combined talent of our companies and share best practices across the globe, we are more optimistic than ever about the future.

James, one of THOR's most experienced company leaders, who has spent considerable time in Europe over the past year engaging with the EHG leadership team, will take on the additional responsibility of overseeing Hymer USA. His experience and leadership make him ideally suited to lead our newly created Hymer USA subsidiary while continuing his responsibilities with the EHG leadership team," shared Bob Martin.

Employees in key product development roles and with specific European manufacturing expertise will relocate from Germany to Bristol to allow Hymer USA to replicate its proven manufacturing process in collaboration with THOR's skilled American workforce. THOR is the sole owner of operating subsidiaries that, combined, represent the world's largest manufacturer of recreational vehicles. Home News Motorhomes. By : Christopher Smith. Hide press release Show press release.

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hymer dealers usa

Used Cars. About this article Category Motorhomes. Sign In or Sign Up.Now it's bringing some of its RV magic over to the American market. Soon, some of the gorgeous RVs Americans have admired from across the Atlantic will be on their way to American highways and campgrounds. Unfortunately, the answer is usually "No.

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If a North American Hymer sounds familiar, it's because it already happened. The fast, furious camper van expansion that followed included models like the Hymer Aktiv and Carado Axion and seemed almost too good to be true in a market that decidedly prefers trailers and larger motorhomes.

As it turned out, it was. Financial improprieties at Hymer North America uncovered during Thor Industries' acquisition of Erwin Hymer Group led to the North American branch being severed from the corporation last year.

And like that, the fast-growing market of European-inspired American camper vans disappeared as quickly as it had emerged. Take two. After completing its acquisition of Erwin Hymer sans Hymer North America last February, Thor Industries, now the largest RV manufacturer in the world, has been busy working to integrate its American and European operations.

Hymer USA becomes a cornerstone of that work. It will also relocate select employees from Germany to help implement European manufacturing processes, automation and control standards, a process it calls a first in the North American RV industry. So what products is Hymer bringing over the Atlantic? Thor's January 30 announcement says only "European-designed RVs," so we reached out to try to pry away something, anything, more specific but were told that the company is not ready to release any product plans or long-term strategy details just yet.

At the time, Martin hinted that Thor was interested in tapping into Hymer's expertise in camper vans and multifunctional urban vehicles. These new participants are often returning to the roots of campervanning and prefer a lifestyle that involves less effort while offering more adventure and experiential quality.

Camper vans can be found throughout Erwin Hymer's portfolio, from the newest badges like Crosscamp and Globevan Dethleffs to established brands like Hymer and Sunlight. And since Thor already has a very strong presence in the travel trailer and large motorhome segments, camper vans seem to be the missing piece of the puzzle that Hymer could easily fill.

Martin has acknowledged that some Erwin Hymer products are based on chassis not available in the US, stressing that those built on available chassis like the Mercedes Sprinter and Fiat Ducato Ram Promaster could be rolled out in the US more quickly. The versatile camper vans of the Hymer Free series seem like a nice place to start. We'll get more official information soon enough, as the first Hymer USA products are planned for launch later this year.

In the meantime, we've filled the gallery with some of the Hymer group European camper vans and caravans we'd most like to see make the trip over to the US. Source: Thor IndustriesErwin Hymer. LOG IN. Menu HOME. Search Query Submit Search. Facebook Twitter Flipboard LinkedIn.

View 29 Images. Launched inHymer's DuoCar S has tinted windows, simple colors, and minimal exterior ports and flaps. Hymer's Vision Venture concept was probably the most talked-about camper van of A favorite feature of the Hymer VisionVenture: a staircase leads to the pop-up roof, rather than a simple ladder. The light in the Hymer VisionVenture's pop-up roof teams with the white inflatable sides to create a soft, ambient glow.

Now in its third generation, the Sprinter brings a fresh new face and a tech-loaded platform to the Hymer Free series. Hymer has given its off-road show Sprinter a black-out look and rugged all-terrain tires. Hymer Free S Sprinter.This copy is for your personal non-commercial use only. They'll be bidding on tens of millions of dollars worth of camping trailers, RV parts, tools and office supplies during a massive four-day auction that starts July Many will walk away likely having paid pennies on the dollar for items as part of the receivership process designed to wring as much value as it can from the insolvent business to pay at least some of the hundreds of millions of dollars it owed to creditors.

It was the second time in five years that Roadtrek had been bought by a foreign investor, and management soon made it clear they planned to drastically ramp up production. Paperwork filed with the receivership application on Feb. Key managers and employees were suspended pending the outcome of an investigation into the financial irregularities.

hymer dealers usa

That ouster included Hammill, who could not be reached for comment for this story. The reliability of the company's own financial statements has been questioned in court documents — and they offer a glimpse of a company that expanded rapidly by making major investments in infrastructure, spending millions of dollars on research and development, and more than doubling its workforce, before collapsing into insolvency.

A year later, it was bought by one of its earliest customers, Jac Hanemaayer. The company had just two or three employees at the time and built a handful of campers each month by retrofitting Dodge vans. Jac's son, Jeff, took the company to new heights in the mids.

As that president of Roadtrek starting inJeff turned the brand into one of the top-selling Class B camper vans for the next few decades. When Jeff took over in34 employees were building about Roadtreks a year in a facility on Shirley Drive in Kitchener. Bythe year he won Ontario's young entrepreneur of the year award, the company had expanded to about employees and was making 1, vehicles a year.

Roadtrek enjoyed 15 consecutive years of growth but was hit by the economic slowdown in and had to lay off staff — but it still had about full-time and casual employees at the time.

The recession forced the company to lay off of its employees for five weeks. Two years later, the company was still recovering; it had about employees in and was building about half as many vehicles as it was before the recession.

Inmajority shares in Roadtrek were sold to private equity firm Industrial Opportunity Partners. Jeff continued as president for two years before resigning. He was replaced by Hammill in Jeff remained on the board of directors and as minority shareholder untilwhen Roadtrek was purchased by Erwin Hymer Group. Roadtrek employed people and sold about 1, vehicles a year at the time of the sale, giving it a 30 per cent of the North American market share of Class B camper vans.

Within a year, a full-scale expansion of the company was well underway at the newly-named Erwin Hymer Group North America. According to unaudited company financial reports, by November about people worked there, including wage earners and salaried employees.German design engineers gave the Aktiv its unrivaled space layout to make your trip easier and more enjoyable to get away.

Hymer has revolutionized the boondocking experience with the introduction of EcoTrek, a lithium power module that takes the worry out of battery management and lets you enjoy the RVing lifestyle to the fullest. The EcoTrek system can be used in harsh weather conditions because the proprietary climate system ensures your module will charge and discharge in any weather conditions, from the hot summer sun to the cold winter nights.

Review of 2018 Hymer Aktiv 1.0 - 20 Foot Camper Van that Sleeps 4

Available in a module, the EcoTrek system can take you completely off the grid for the freedom to go anywhere. The VoltStart system will automatically start your engine to recharge your batteries when they get down to a certain threshold; making the VoltStart system is a safe, keyless operation, giving you the freedom to leave your coach, without having to leave the key in the ignition.

A remote FOB carried with you can remote start the unit for pre-cooling or pre-heating your coach. If you are interested in learning more about the Hymer Aktiv, contact us today for all of the details.

Or, you can come to our dealership to get more information in person. We can't wait to help you into the RV of your dreams. Use our RV Finder to locate the ideal fifth wheel, travel trailer, toy hauler, motorhome, and more. We're sorry. We were unable to find any results for this page.

New 2019 EHGNA Hymer Aktiv Loft Edition

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