Divinity original sin 2 definitive edition sweet shackles of pain

Or just fancy a really decent top down roleplaying adventure? Divinity Original Sin 2 has something for you. Find it here! So all the builds I present here are given without it. However, feel free to adapt and change them to your liking. I adore this build, it feels really powerful and works really well if you chose The Red Prince as your character.

Have fun! His quest also grants you a very very good ring for this build. Be sure to get it. This in turn makes it possible for you to actually heal when you take fire damage. However, you could choose a Human character and take advantage of their increased critical chance and critical damage for maximum damage output.

Low on health? Supernova and kill everything around you and heal to full. This build can really make the most of any given situation using the Incarnate Champion. If adaptability is something you really want and having an answer to everything, this build is for you! I picked Lohse for this build, but any race can work. Lohse really drives home the randomness with her theme being a Mystic and Jester I felt like this build suited her perfectly.

Early on I suggest picking one or two elements and sticking to those while you raise summoning. The rest of your points can go into intelligence to drive up the power of Ethereal Storm because oh boy, is it fun to use.

You have almost every support skill in the game at your disposal so you can either make you incarnate impossible to kill or help your allies if they have status afflictions. Wanna unleash the most powerful spells in truly Godwoken fashion? This build is for you. It uses every elemental skill line and can absolutely decimate enemies late game regardless of their resistances.

Hands down Human is the best for this build, you need Initiative, Critical Chance and Critical Damage to do as much damage as you can before the enemy gets to respond. What that effectively enables you to do is go absolutely nuts with source skills late game. It also hugely fits his character I think. Use two, cast time warp, get second turn, use skin graft and use them again! Your enemies should be dead before they can react.

Dwarf works best for this build as they have increased dodging and vitality for extra survivability. Note: Although this build is Air Damage focused, consider dropping some points into strength for the Armor of the Eternals.

You can even snipe people with your dual Air wands. If for whatever reason an enemy catches up to you, pop skills like evasive aura or erratic wisp and get out of there. Teleport them away from you back to ground level and keep raining thunder. You can also quite literally throw caution to the wind and using your super high air resist and dodge chance jump in to the fight and go nuts with closed circuit and superconductor.

This build is for all our dedicated Healers out there. You know who you are and we LOVE you! Using healing magic and blood spells means this character is very hard to kill in normal combat outside of being one-shot.

Race: I picked Sebille for my Blood Mage. You are the party healer.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Divinity: Original Sin 2 Store Page. Global Achievements. Showing 1 - 15 of 19 comments. Rxmonste View Profile View Posts. Use Ressurrection Scrolls, those are items that you may already have in your inventory. If you don't have them they're sold through some merchants.

Nebora in Fort Joy has plenty of them for example. There's also a necromancy spell you can use to do it as well as Idols of Rebirth. Is there a way to heal teammates outside of combat without items? I found the restoration, but how did I get it? Originally posted by Soldier88 :. Last edited by Rxmonste ; 9 Nov, pm.

Last edited by NotSure ; 9 Nov, pm. OK so how do I obtain the spell which revives dead teammates? Can any character learn this reviving spell?

Also, what if my teammate dies and I have no way of reviving him? Last edited by nub ; 1 Dec, pm. Erikon View Profile View Posts. Death in this game is permanent, and there are only a limited supply of scrolls to resurrect. Last edited by Erikon ; 1 Dec, pm.

divinity original sin 2 definitive edition sweet shackles of pain

Revolucas View Profile View Posts. With Necromancy you can learn Last Rites, it will be sold in stores after reaching level This spell does piercing damage to the caster and revives another. You have to first cast Living on the Edge on the caster.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Divinity: Original Sin 2 Store Page. Global Achievements. Showing 1 - 8 of 8 comments. Imyo View Profile View Posts. Im going double human female, main is custom finesse two handed with spears with necromancy and geo for cc and support, the other one is Lohse with int and some fin, using only 1 dagger to make use of torturer with bleed and rupture tendons, using every support skill plus necromancy spells, both physical dmg, all themed around blood, the main is a jester and mystic and i see her as a kinda immature skilled acrobatic warrior that going to grow as a character during the game with the help of Lohse's main story.

Lohse is using summoning too but only totems and its quite mobile, all part of the roleplaying aspect and how i see the this two characters fighting if it were real time.

I also did something similar with Ifan and Sebille both going rogue and i had a really good backstory synergy but it was absurdly overpowered and i had to quit, everything died so fast it was just boring. Pyromus View Profile View Posts. Rogue and retribution tank. Rogue goes first, backstabs, kills stuff, your general rogue things. Then ends the turn going invisible, leaving only the tank to be attacked. Tank has high retribution and enough necro to grab shackles of pain, causing enemies to kill themselves by attacking you.

divinity original sin 2 definitive edition sweet shackles of pain

Rogue delays turn while invisible, so tank has to be attacked again. Tank spends turn purposely getting opportunity attacked so it can reflect damage back at enemies, then ends it with battle stomp or battering ram to add some cc.

Rogue then goes back to back turns due to the delay, and mops up any non kocked down enemies, potentially getting rid of whoever would go in between the rogue and tank.

Story purposes, make Ifan the tank, and either Sebille or Beast the rogue, as ifan and beast both hate deathfog in their backgrounds, so they'd get along well, and Beast as a dwarf gets extra rogue-y dodge stats, and Ifan was a paladin before, and rpg paladins are usually tanky. Sebille works as a rogue because it's her default class, and would get along with Ifan due to Ifan liking elves and they both have a reluctant mass murderer vibe going with their backstories.

Originally posted by davemytnick33 :. Last edited by Imyo ; 13 Sep, pm. Originally posted by PK Ultra :. Well since they nefted Lonewolf its made the game a tad harder the cap on skills being 10 had made some builds not viable imho like a Two handed warrior. Abilties are a pain as you need enough in strenght to use good armour rest in Intellgence and Wits with a splatter in memory.

5 Ways To Play: Divinity Original Sin 2 – Definitive Edition

The idea of the Conj is to distract enemys so they dont focus on your 2 mains. This combo is pretty flexable. Ohh i forgot they both have Tactical Retreat and Adreahline sorry cant spell that.

Per page: 15 30 Join VIP to remove all ads and videos. Coming across various Blazing Sculptures on Bloodmoon Island, you get the feeling they hide treasures beneath them. However, they don't seem to budge when you try to move them. How will you get past this obstacle? On Bloodmoon island, there will be a Blazing Sculpture facing the demon's camp. You may interact with the statue to acquire this quest. You can also acquire this quest by picking up the book "The Taming of the Holy Fire" and read it as a Scholar.

There are 3 sculptures on Bloodmoon Island. In order to activate them, you will need to read a book called "The Taming of the Holy Fire". This book is called "Ornate Hymnal" before you decipher it, and you can find one from these places:. You will need a character with the Scholar tag in order to decipher the book's hymn. Reading the book as a scholar will net 14,XP. Before you enter the vault, however, make sure to first go to the north of the island and find the Ancient Forge co-ordinates X, Y Use the Ancient forge to combine it and the silver bar to create a Silver Lever Shaft.

You only need 2 Silver Lever Shafts in the game, for vaults 2 and 3. Silver bars can be found right next to the forge, and on a Black Ring member in the unfinished crypt. There should also be one inside a vase in vault 3. There are 3 vaults scattered around the southern part of the island, near the demon's camp.

Use the hymn to destroy the statues and get into the vault.

divinity original sin 2 definitive edition sweet shackles of pain

More details are listed below for each individual vault. See " The Secrets of Bloodmoon Island " for more information about this location, including rewards earned. If you read the notes, you will realize that these vaults actually house people afflicted with demons that the healers could not treat. These afflicted persons were thus locked away along with a healer in order to prevent the demon from ever being a threat to humanity.

This crypt is unfinished and holds nothing really noteworthy of value, except for a Silver bar. Exploring it might be necessary for the completion of this quest, though.

Upon entering this vault, you will come across a broken lever shaft where you will need to use the Silver Lever Shaft to fix the broken lever and open the wall door. Unfortunately, when you try to use the lever, it doesn't work.

Cast Spirit Vision to reveal the spirit of Brother Robert near the statue, and speak to him. Pass the persuasion check and he will unlock the door and beseech you to kill the creature within.

Enter the room and tread lightly.

Divinity Original Sin 2 : [HONOUR MODE] The Sweet Shackles of Pain Quest - ZERO POSSESSED

If any character takes the source from the source pool in the room, the lizard will initiate dialogue with that specific character, so be careful. If you agree to set her free, Rajjarima will steal all the source points from your character and break free, initiating combat.

Be warned - when she breaks free and initiates combat, she will cast a powerful Arrow Storm that will deal massive damage to your party, especially if they are bunched up together, possibly even killing 2 or 3 of them outright. In any case, kill the possessed Godwoken. If you refuse her, you will eventually need to pass a speech check.Join VIP to remove all ads and videos. Mark a target so that it will receive all of the damage you receive.

Damage transferred in this way ignores any resistances the target may have. Living on the Edge is a great counter to Shackles of Pain. For 2 turns HP cannot fall below 1, just go ham on the enemy.

Shackles of Pain (Divinity: Original Sin)

I don't know if it's a DE thing or because of the last patch, but it does trigger the healing from Necromancer when I use it. Once my tank reached 10 in Necromancer, Shackles of Pain made him pretty much invulnerable for the duration of the skill. When you use the Tyrant Helmet's Purge 3 times a demon pops out, kill the demon and the helmet drops again with this ability instead. I highly recommend putting this on a tank character with Agro abilities, like Provoke.

Can be removed with soul mate now. Useful given how annoying being on the receiving end of this spell is. I don't know if it's been patched out since this page was last edited, but using shackles of pain on a mage that has used shackles of pain on another does NOT override the mage's SoP.

Black Ring members in the Blackpit died. If I'm undead and cast this on a living enemy, then poison myself will my shackled enemy heal or take damage? Have an idea of a "voodoo doll" like character. I was in a boss fight with this skill active on the boss, he always did melee on my party and receive buffs with damage. The best fight in the game for me. Cryogenic stasis, funny how I got this after the fight against the guy who has mass shackles.

Use this to double the damage of anything that does AoE damage to self in addition to the enemy, i. Reactive Armor, Corpse Explosion, etc. Lol I remember a fight early in the game: It was my mage's turn. Next to him was an enemy swordfighter with full magic armor but no physical and only 10hp left. I had 2 AP but unfortunately no attacks or skill to deal physical damage to finish him. He automatically attacked me with opportunity attack which led to his death because of Shackles of Pain.

Love this combat system :. This works because, unlike poison potions which linger after drinking, health potions instantly deal their full healing and are an effective nuke to those pesky enemies who you're having trouble damaging with normal attacks.

Such powerfull ability for only 1 AP. Works very well combined with comeback kid. Obtained after killing a demon that gets summoned after using Tyrant's Helmet 3 times Purge ability. New ability also comes with the helmet. Sign In Help Sign Out. Toggle navigation. Search Results. Shackles of Pain Mark a target so that it will receive all of the damage you receive.

Join the page discussion Tired of anon posting?Join VIP to remove all ads and videos. To acquire this quest, you need to get in one of the statue-sealed vaults on Bloodmoon Island. This book can be found at multiple locations, including the archive on the northeast of the island, and a Black Ring member near the ancestor tree.

Use the bar on the slot inside the vault, then cast Spirit Vision, ask the guardian to open the door. If you can't pass the speech persuasion check, use Source Vampirism on him, learnt in quest Powerful Awakening. Behind the door, the possessed dwarf begs you destroy the pillars, offering you "anything" if you set him free. If this is done he will immediately attack. The demon will come out of the dwarf "Mor the Trenchmouthed" and the now free dwarf will assist you in combat.

Once the demon is freed could be done during the combatyou will need to defeat him. When hit by any ally, it will immediately possess any teammate less than 14 meters away. It cannot possess summoned allies or the dwarf. You will have to reduce a possessed party member's health to near zero to get the demon out of them. Living on the Edge skill and idols of rebirth are very nice here, or you can try the cheese method detailed below.

You will gain 43, EXP 14, in Story mode tested level Check the demon's body for some decent loot. If you complete the fight with the dwarf alive, he will direct you to find his treasure at X Y This is the southwest corner of the Island, on the bit of shore with 3 graves next to the dock.

The bag contains gold as little as If you want to save the dwarf, you must release him and expel and kill the daemon. You may need to heal that dwarf multiple time during the process. If you killed the dwarf, the quest is also complete.

divinity original sin 2 definitive edition sweet shackles of pain

This quest seems to be bugged for some players. In order not to accidentally kill the dwarf, consider using Living on the Edge. As i remember last time i played it was impossible to not got possed after you damaged demon but at last time i casted x2 mass deploy traps blinked away somewhere near the throne and demon died without possessing anyone. So it's kinda works for solo runs. Absolutely stellar, I didn't knock him down ahead of time but I did use the "summon stuff in the room and stand back" method, the demon cast madness on my incarnate champion First tries went catastrophically bad.

So I reloaded and came back at level 16 before I was about to leave Reapers Coast. I was feeling the cold sweats for awhile, but it passed after the 3 jump, he got in about 4 or 5 possessions before I finally got the little bastard.

Went to find the dwarf loot. Well thank you for that bug Larian!! At least the damn demon dropped some pretty decent loot. But still. Kind off pissed off.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Divinity: Original Sin 2 Store Page. Global Achievements. Showing 1 - 15 of 49 comments. Hau View Profile View Posts. Kill the caster, kill your shackled guy, or use Break the Shackles only available with Sebille, I think.

Use on self only. I wanted to keep the shackled people alive, which is seemingly impossible Killing the caster kills them NPC's can't rez themkilling them is the exact thing I'm trying to prevent, and they don't have break the shackles obviously. Morgian View Profile View Posts. Maybe you can heal them up to keep a balance while the bad guy is getting beaten down?

Or what if you port the shackle caster as far from them as possible? I think you can only wait it out. Actually, what would happen if a shackled char uses shackles of pain on the original caster? Originally posted by TripSin :. Last edited by NouH ; 23 Sep, am. In this fight, the shackles are permanent at least that what it says.

I've already just let them die and have moved on from this fight though unfortunately lol. Apollysis View Profile View Posts. Porting works. You just have to port him faaaaaaar away. Also once he does and the prisoners are freed they will fight so you have to get to them asap.

Last edited by Apollysis ; 28 Sep, pm. Vicious View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by Apollysis :.

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